Carnation Confinement Home (康乃馨陪月中心)

Stay Like In Hotel

Premium Confinement Center in Penang (专业产后月子护理中心)

Welcome to Carnation Confinement Home Penang! Nestled in one of the most prestigious neighbourhood at the heart of Georgetown Penang, our branches of confinement centers feature hotel-like luxury rooms, nursery and baby shower room equipped with hospital grade equipment, and a private lift specially catered for mummies.

At Carnation Confinement Home, everyone of our nannies brings a love of babies and understands the importance of creating a safe environment while caring for your precious. Our confinement meals are passionately prepared by our home chefs, each of your meals are carefully planned to guarantee that they deliver the best benefits for recuperating mothers.

Choosing the right confinement center is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. How will you know if this is where you want to spend your most important month after delivery? Call us to make an appointment and we will arrange for you to tour our facilities, meet our nannies and chefs. We invite you and your family to come and see for yourselves our standard of luxury!